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Sandtrap,Waste Bunker, or Big Trouble?

Sandtrap,Waste Bunker, or Big Trouble?

If you are anything like me, as far as golfing is concerned, this blog may offer a bit of insight, some lessons, and a few tricks to improve your round. Now, to preface my previous statement, I have bought so many golf aids, swing aids, lessons, books, ebooks, and every new gadget that comes out in order to reduce my score.

With all the articles I've read from Golf Pro, Golf Digest, Golfer News, and PGA Newsletter. All I need to do is throw my clubs on the 1st tee box and I'm shooting par!
In reality we know its not that easy, but nonetheless I continue to strive for the ultimate weapon, for lack of a better term to turn around my golf game.

A very long time ago when I realized (LOL) I wasn't going to golf with the pros, I just wanted to be able to play a decent round and score consistently. My everlasting search is ongoing, I haven't found the magic club, or the instant putter or anything else for that matter. So much for being satisfied, today I just want a relaxing day, score under 100 ( I usually average about 92 to 96), and not break any clubs.

Without further ado I'd like to discuss my main shortfall in my golf swing. "The Dreaded Slice", it seems whenever I lose my concentration, and attempt to crush the ball to impress my foursome, I end up in the woods, or creek, or the infamous "Sandtrap", bunker, the beach or whatever else you can think of calling it. " My friends will often ask me if I came to golf or hang out on the beach."

With all the moaning I've done so far I will say my love for the game will never die. My favorite saying when golfing is, " A bad day at golf is still better than a good day at work!" So, what my objective is here, is to share some of my experiences, a few pictures of some top notch golf courses, (not many), and share some tips, lessons, and equipment opinions I've picked up along the way in my 28 years of becoming the next Arnold Palmer.

Wedding Receptions that are Par for the Course

A growing trend in the golf industry has nothing to do with hitting the small dimpled ball for par. No with the current economy Country Clubs are looking for alternative methods of keeping the Club profitable. As we know country clubs have excellent restaurants, steakhouses, and catering & banquet facilities. Now this may not be much of a trend for the affluent, or filthy rich. Country Clubs all over have opened their doors to non-members for the hosting of wedding reception, and in some the actual ceremony.

Most Country Clubs have excellent dining, and catering capabilities, so why not take advantage of them. Case in point, one of my daughters works for an exclusive Golf Club, and her boss has offered to ask upper management about hosting her wedding at the clubhouse. I would just hope she gets a hefty employee discount, or off we go to the VFW Post. LOL! Just kidding.

Really, clubhouse management has opened a new door for some clubs, an alternate method of generating revenue, and possibly recruiting new members. The average cost of an entire wedding with all the add-ons, Flowers, Video, Photographer, Wedding Planner, Limos, and whatever else you can include. The costĀ  for an exclusive reception can run anywhere from $30,000 to infinity. Golf courses offer great photo opportunities, valet parking, facilities, guest planners, great food & drink, and a host of fabulous amenities.

Now, don't get me wrong but some country clubs have been doing this for quite some time. The trend I'm referring to is alot more are just now opening up the venue to guests, and non-members. So if you're getting married or someone you know is looking for a comfortable reception venue, tell them to check out a few Golf Resorts, it can't hurt to ask. Imagine, they just may be surprised to findĀ  a hidden little gem that will make their wedding reception unforgettable.

In closing, don't forget to get a free round of golf for Dad or Mom!